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For Fall 2020, all undergraduate courses will be offered online for the fall semester, with limited exceptions. Additionally, most graduate courses will be conducted online, with certain programs holding discipline-specific in-person classes.

Delivery mode for fully online courses will be included in Schedule Details under "Building" as follows:
• "REMOTE INSTR" - courses taught fully online as part of a COVID accommodation
• "ON LINE" - courses which are part of an online degree program or courses that have historically been offered online
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OPEN 91288 ECON 1011 MV Principles of Economics I 3.00 Hovander, E AMES B117 TR
02:30PM - 03:45PM
08/26/19 - 12/09/19 Linked
Comments: This course is being taught at the Mount Vernon campus. Also register for one discussion section: ECON 1011.M30 or .M31. This course intended for WLP International Development students only. Instructor approval required to register. Students who are registered for ECON 1011 must receive a minimum score of 61 on the ALEKS math placement exam or have taken and passed ECON 1001 with a minimum grade of B-. Those students who do not achieve the minimum ALEKS score even after remediation should contact their academic advisor for their options. The exam and all remediation must be completed prior to August 19, 2019. The exam can be accessed at: For additional information on the placement exam please visit: Once you reach the exam you will be prompted to enter the password: colonials17

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