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For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, all undergraduate courses will be offered online for the fall and spring semesters, with limited exceptions. Additionally, most graduate courses will be conducted online, with certain programs holding discipline-specific in-person classes.

Delivery mode for fully online courses will be included in Schedule Details under "Building" as follows:
• "REMOTE INSTR" - courses taught fully online as part of a COVID accommodation
• "ON LINE" - courses which are part of an online degree program or courses that have historically been offered online
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OPEN 71196 ASTR 1001 10 Stars, Planets, and Life in the Universe 4.00 Cioffi, D MPA B07 MW
11:10AM - 12:25PM
01/13/20 - 04/27/20 Linked
Comments: Also register for one laboratory section: ASTR 1001.30-.32.

OPEN 72179 ASTR 1001 11 Stars, Planets, and Life in the Universe 4.00 Correa Borbonet, L MON 111 MW
06:00PM - 08:00PM
01/13/20 - 04/27/20
Comments: This course is in scale-up format; lecture and lab are combined.
Phys Lab Fee  $90.00

OPEN 72409 ASTR 1002 10 Origins of the Cosmos 4.00 Cioffi, D 1957 E 214 TR
12:45PM - 02:00PM
01/13/20 - 04/27/20 Linked
Comments: Also register for one laboratory section: ASTR 1002.30-.31.

OPEN 77541 ASTR 3161 10 Space Astrophysics 3.00 Kargaltsev, O COR 404A MW
12:45PM - 02:00PM
01/13/20 - 04/27/20

OPEN 71667 ASTR 4195 10 Undergraduate Research in Astrophysics 3.00 Dhuga, K 01/13/20 - 04/27/20
Comments: Instructor approval required to register.

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