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CLOSED 42792 SUST 1001 10 Introduction to Sustainability 3.00 Svoboda, M; LaPuma, P; Paddock, L; Vithanage, A; Benton-Short, L; Ashkar, A; Scully, T DUQUES 151 M
03:00PM - 05:00PM
01/14/19 - 04/29/19 Linked
Comments: Also register for one discussion section: SUST 1001.30-.33. This course intended for first and second year students considering pursuit of the sustainability minor. All other students contact the Sustainability Minor Program Manager at
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WAITLIST 44424 SUST 2002 10 The Sustainable City 3.00 Klemek, C; Squires, G; Francis, R; Leinberger, C; Keeley, M; Benton-Short, L; Cleary, S SEE DEPT R
12:45PM - 03:15PM
01/14/19 - 04/29/19
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OPEN 47253 SUST 3096 10 Research in Sustainability 3.00 Francis, R DUQUES 259 W
12:45PM - 03:15PM
01/14/19 - 04/29/19
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CLOSED 46737 SUST 3097 10 Culminating Experience in Sustainability 1.00 TO 3.00 Scully, T 01/14/19 - 04/29/19
Comments: Instructor signature required.
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