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The mission of the Department of Theatre and Dance is informed by several interconnecting values. At the core is the belief that the study and practice of the live performing arts of theatre and dance lead to understanding the world from multiple perspectives. We believe that knowledge comes from embodied experience and scholarly research. Thus both the body and the mind must be engaged for one to develop a complete aesthetic understanding and appreciation. Our department itself is interdisciplinary; additionally, we believe in the value of creative partnerships with other disciplines to expand the scope and vision of our work. We have a deep commitment to the interaction between art forms and the collaborative process. Epiphanies come from the creative juxtapositioning of ideas: putting things together in new ways that resonate to make new meanings. This belief fuels out commitment to experimentation. With these values guiding us, the Department of Theatre and Dance is an interdisciplinary liberal arts program dedicated to awakening the artist in all of us by: -Giving students the tools and knowledge to fully appreciate the value of theatre and dance in their lives and as a means of understanding other people, cultures and nations. -Developing interests and talents of students seeking careers or advanced study in theatre and dance. -Encouraging students to develop critical dialogue and thought and to enjoy theatre and dance -Creating live performances and original productions that stimulate and involve our university community and the community beyond the campus. The university is one of the few places in our society where we encourage diverse and newthinking. Sharing the discoveries and challenges of this thinking is the reason we exist.
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