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A University policy tells us what we must do with respect to various University operations and has been approved by the Vice Presidents, President or Board of Trustees. The purpose of policies is to provide vision and inspiration to the entire University, and to ensure that the University is in compliance with all local, state and federal laws that govern our activities as individuals and as representatives of the University.

Only approved "University policies" appear on the University's central policy web page in a standard policy format. An "approved" University policy is one that is currently in effect and therefore must be followed. Departmental policies, which may be important but are very narrow in applicability, may appear on departmental web pages but not on the University's policy web page.

In most cases University policies will refer to procedures. Procedures are not policies. Procedures don't tell us what must be done, but how something must be done. Procedures are the methods for implementing policies.

This web page provides staff, faculty and students with access to the full text of approved University policies.

How to use this web page

There are eight (8) policy categories, which can be viewed by selecting the "Policies" tab at the top of this web page. To locate a particular policy, click the [+] in front of one of the eight categories. This will reveal the policies within that area, as well as any subcategories. Click the [+] to view all policies within a subcategory, or [-] to collapse and hide a subcategory. Within each category or subcategory there are highlighted titles. These are the approved University policies. Clicking the highlighted title will enable you to view the policy in its entirety. Policies that are not highlighted are currently under development, and have not gone through the review and approval process (see the definition at the top of this page).

You can also locate a policy by using the search function at the bottom of the page.

The University wants to make sure that everyone can find the policy they are looking for, and that everyone understands these policies. If you cannot find a policy using this web page, or if you have questions about any University policy, please call the Compliance & Privacy Office at 202-994-3386. The Compliance & Privacy Office works with all University departments in the development of policies, and will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.

The policies found at this website are subject to addition, revision and deletion as the University deems necessary. These policies do not create a contract between the University and its employees.

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